Cyclops specs or info?

Hi the community!
and especially @creatorlars and @Z0NK0UT (the most lovely hardware producers on earth)

We are trying to get our laser going for a clients film.
Basically trying to remake the Cyclops for this,
Does anyone have any specs on the Cyclops?

Some of you links to Github, but its of all the moduls listed, this is missing?

Grateful for any info on the input and output signals.


I’d try to find one used if I were you

I don’t think any of the commercial modules have ever, or ever will be on github - just the DIY ones - cadet and castle

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Of course. Understandable. Thanks.

Some good details here - you might need to join the group first, which is recommended sincs Eurorack and lasers get frequent discussion

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Cheers mate! Not on FB, have to ask a friend…