How do I upscale the resolution and aspect ratio of analog video signals used by LZX Industries devices?



There are two elements at play in this question:

Resolution, which is the pixel space of the image. For example, 720x480 for NTSC video and 480i Component video and 720x576 for PAL video and 576i Component video. These are standards supported across LZX equipment. 1920x1080 for 1080i or 1080p formats would be another display resolution.

Aspect ratio, which relates to how rectangular the pixels are displayed. For example, 4:3 and 16:9 are common aspect ratios for video capture and display.

If displaying your analog video as 16:9 or processing 16:9 content (from DVDs or playback devices) is your goal, there’s no special equipment necessary – you would simply change the settings on your video capture device or your video display to the desired aspect ratio.

If a resolution/format change is your goal, you need a device called an upscaler – sometimes also called a cross converter or standards converter. Many video capture devices, such as the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle, can upscale your video as it’s captured simply by changing the capture resolution to the desired format in the capture device settings. If you need a dedicated hardware upscaler, quality matters! We recommend a device with 10-bit color channel resolution, such as the Ambery HDV5

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