Do I need an upscaler

With the following setup I get an unstable video signal (see below):

Vidiot > BMD Mini Converter Analog to SDI > BMD Video Assist 4K

But this setup works very good:

Vidiot > BMD Mini Converter Analog to SDI > Edirol V4 > BMD Video Assist 4K

I know using an upscaler after the Analog to SDI converter is recommended, but I prefer not to buy one because I figured it would be useless when my Chromagnon arrives with its HD output.

@Z0NK0UT do you already know if it is still recommended to use an upscaler when the Chromagnon is here? Not for the resolution but could it be the V4/upscaler create some sort of stability?

Main reason I’m asking is because I’d rather get rid of the V4 and get an upscaler as soon as possible, for portability reasons and because then I don’t need to wait with recording in HD until Chromagnon arrives. But even then I’m not even sure if an upscaler could fix this problem?

The artifacts I get when not using the V4:

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I think the V4 is contributing frame synchronization and stabilizing some Vidiot timing that Video Assist doesn’t like. Vidiot is a rowdy little box. Chromagnon should adopt the role your V4 is playing in this instance.

What if you sync the Vidiot to the V-4? Simple as putting one of the V-4 outputs into the Vidiot input. I find that my Vidiot has trouble generating stable sync by itself, but it locks to incoming sync better.


Allright, thanks @Z0NK0UT then I’ll wait it out.

@Genlok that also works!