EU to US - buyer / shipping assistance services

Reaching out to the group in case anyone knows of a service that will accept delivery in the EU and forward shipping to the US.

Would love to buy from an LZX dealer in Austria but they refuse to ship outside of the EU.

There are several groups that do this in Asia and several that ship to and from the UK but I’m having no success finding a stable EU to US connection (ideally in Austria).

I realize this is a long shot but thought I’d lean on the community in case anyone else has successfully navigated these waters.

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Solve =

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I live in Berlin & was about to offer to help out as I have bought some modules from Erwin at RAW Voltage in Vienna and have had great success with his service.
Thanks for posting the link, I personally wasn’t aware of it but it’ll definitely come in handy for some people outside the EU :+1:t3:

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