Buying LZX modules in Europe

Hello there.

I’m thinking of building my first modular video system. I live in Europe, Denmark to be specific.

Can anyone recommend me some European stores to buy LZX modules from?


Raw Voltage (Vienna)
Schneidersladen (Berlin)
MidiAmsterdam (Amsterdam)

or various ones in the UK (SingalSounds and LondonModular and a couple of others I think)

NB Raw Voltage also stocks BrownShoesOnly modules

most stores currently have very little, if any, stock though - everyone is waiting for back orders at the moment

There’s a list of stockists on the main LZX contact page iirc


and if you are into DIY, Thonk sells Cadet and Castle pcb’s & panels


Ive been buying stuff from Patch Point. They were the first stockist i came across in Berlin.

Also common ground has some of the Cadet DIY modules and they had a Vidiot in stock when i last looked.


Hi there, I am based in Scotland and have a Shapechanger and a Marble index for sale:)