Envelopes in Video?

Envelope generators are very common in the audio world (Obviously ADSR but also AR, AD, AHDSR, etc) so I was wondering if they have a place in your video system? Most audio devices seem to be useful for something in the visual world so how do you patch them? There is clearly merit in using audio oscillators, filters, LFOs and logic units with the LZX modules but I’m struggling to imagine what good envelopes would be, apart from maybe just looping them to make a hacky LFO. Is there room in the LZX world for envelopes?

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sure. as time modulation, triggered by user interfaces (touchpads, keys ) + external audio . envelope followers are especially useful
look at the sensory translator for example.

I mostly use AD and AR envelopes (Maths / Buchla types) with voltage controlled slopes.

you patch an envelope into a scaler (so that the range is 0-1v, then into whatever you want to move.
or into a video VCA / multiplier


Yes, they do. I have the Malekko AD/LFO-V module and love it. Its great for animation-rate apps, like crossfading and modulating other modulation modules.

For extra fun, you can gate it from non-video modules like Grayscale’s Permutation sequencer.

The AD/LFO-V 's 1V outputs can drive a non-video VCA’s CV input to scale a non-video modulator. So many uses!


Escher Sketch is the best possible envelope for video because you can “draw” the envelope on the screen and then store it for looping or retriggering.