Diver rear sync connections?

I’m curious what the rear connections on the Diver are, specifically the sync connections. I presume it has some. Did I miss this info somewhere?

I was looking for a Diver manual to see if it had this info, but couldn’t find a manual. Also neither the Diver product page nor the All About Diver forum page had this info, as far as I could see.

it’ll be 2 RCA connections
one in, one passthrough


I have just received my new Diver. I have a few other modules with that have sync connections. Is there a daisy chain sequence that needs to be followed. i.e. Do I need to sync to Visual Cortex and then to Navigator, or can I go out from Diver into Navigator then into VC?

Cortex > Diver > Navigator (terminate)
Cortex should be master. Make sure you terminate on the last module in the chain by using the terminate switch

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Thanks for the feedback. Everything is working really really well.