Diver + Cadet system

Hi All

I’m looking to add a ‘built’ LZX module to my system to give my soldering iron a rest! I’ve been looking at adding a Diver.

  1. I know there’s been some sync issues surrounding Diver and Cadet systems, I am aware a solution was floated in a post a while back, does anyone have any experience integrating Diver and Cadet? Is the solution a full fix or is best to wait for a new firmware update?

  2. Secondly more generally I’d love to hear people’s experience with integrating Diver with Cadet or more DIY orientated systems.

I don’t have one so I don’t really know. Can you take one of the RCA outputs from the Cadet Encoder and connect it through a space in your rack to feed the sync input on the Diver?

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I had some trouble getting my Diver to sync but since I got a Cadet I+II it works very well. Right now I sync my Diver exactly the way joem mentioned.