Diver keeps freezing

So my diver is freezing (no response from buttons and sliders) all the time. I am not able to find a pattern in those freezes/crahses. Sometimes it works on the first Power Up, sometimes i have to go through mutliple powercycles and othertimes it crashes from patching/unplugging a cable, i am almost giving up on it. could the Update fix this or do i Need to send it in?

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Sorry that you’re having issues. It might help others help you if you provide a bit more detail on the power supply and case set up that you’re using with it.

Case is a döpfer lc3, sync is coming from a vidiot.

There could be a problem with your Diver, but it could also be that the sync from Vidiot is not sufficient. Diver is currently very sync sensitive. It might be worth waiting for the new Diver firmware to see if that helps. If not, opening a support ticket would be the way to go.
Do you happen to have a stronger sync source available? A camera or a mixer, perhaps?

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I have an edirol v4 and a Late 90s Sony camcorder. How would i set up that sync? With the v4‘s second output?

Yes, you can use one of the V4’s outputs and send sync to Diver via Vidiot’s loop through setting.

Back on it after a busy week, diver did not freeze with this setup and felt more stable. Will do some more patching and Report if there is still an issue

That’s good news. I hope it keeps behaving properly for you.

Oops,i got a diver module scheduled for delivery coming wednesday and i’m going to use it with a vidiot as sync source.I hope it will work :worried: It seemed to work for the guy in the youtube video.