Diver sync / glitch issue?

After finally getting my hands on a Visual Cortex, I’ve been able to get the system I’ve been slowly building up and running. But, I’m running into what I’m guessing is a noob problem with my Diver, which seems to be having some kind of sync problem. I’m syncing through RCA from VC in NTSC, and Diver’s output is off centered, scrolling, and glitching with all the panel controls zeroed out. I tried syncing through the front panel from different sync sources with similar results. What basic mistake am I making?

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Swap your sync I/O on the rear of Diver. Some of them are mislabeled so this is likely it.

Hope that does it!


Swap your sync I/O on the rear of Diver.>

Yep, that did it, thanks! Now I just have the normal Diver offset / glitching errors that I’ve read about in other posts…