Cyclops, need more information so I don't burn out my projector

Been playing with the cyclops for a couple of days.
The card says “change filters at your own risk”, can someone elaborate on this please.
I want a wider projection so was thinking of changing the filters at the back but I don’t know anything about laser’s.

The filters on the back of the cyclops are to protect the galvos (scanners) in your laser. They are lowpass filters and limit the small-signal scan response (a.k.a. “speed”). Changing the filters shouldn’t affect the width of your projection. To do that, you can increase your x and or y gain. Beyond that, you’d need to retune your scanner amps to a wider angle. Most middle of the road projectors are tuned to 8 degrees at 30kpps.


Depending on what you are feeding the Cyclops with, you might find you aren’t able to amplify and offset your signals enough with the built-in controls to get the coverage you want. I added a Befaco A*B+C next to the Cyclops and that did the trick for me last time I brought it out.

You might also want to check that the switches on the back are set to the right input voltage (1V if you’re using other LZX modules to feed it, 5V if you’re using audio modules.)


Whoa, I thought modular audio signals (not CV) range from 0v up? Are there -5V audio signals?

Bipolar outputs are pretty typical for audio oscillators. Doepfer says audio signals are “typically -5V to 5V”, I would not be surprised to find oscillators with wider swings. Having a DC component to an oscillator (e.g. an oscillator that swings 0-5V has a 2.5V DC offset) is often regarded as undesirable in audio land, because it can complicate modulating other stuff.