Composite signal adjusting and manipulating

i recently acquired a conversion box for my Gieskes Oscillatascope2B which is a VGA output:

this box let’s me adjust the size, shape and position of the composite output.

does anyone know of a box with similar features that would have these features for a composite signal?
i don’t mean for converting composite to anything else…i’m just looking for a way to be able adjust a composite output in the same way.

or…is my only option to xvert composite to VGA and then back out again?

thanks for any help!

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The fact that the “frequently bought together” box lists a composite -> VGA adapter makes me suspect other people have resorted to that solution


Yes the giesix stuff leaves a lot to be desired. Why not just spring for a visual cortex before they go out of print?


well…i already have all the Gieskes stuff and no room left in my modular setup for another module.
the giant hole in my video noiz setup is awaiting a Memory Palace.

just an FYI on how this turned out.

i ended up getting this doodad:

so i converted the composite vid signal to VGA and then back to composite with first VGA adaptor i bought.
it took a little coaxing but once it was happy with the signal…it started working!
now i can adjust the position of the composite output from some other devices.

for instance the DU-NTSC is not centered on the screen.
now i can easily nudge it around the screen.
this is also true for the outputs of the Critter and Guitari vid scope thingies.

here’s the DU-NTSC from last night’s session of Late Night Noiz For Late Night Fiends…
(it appears a few mins in)