Cheap media player with component outs?

Has anyone ever found a cheap, portable media player with component outs? Looking for something to use with the visual cortex to play full color video in. I thought this might work but it doesn’t seem to:

I use the AC RYAN playon HD 2 mini (it is very portable)
pretty good results. although the play menu is a bit tedious. but you can setup a play script.
looks like it is not available new anymore. maybe 2nd hand?
(ps: it has HDMI, Composite, YPbPs, LAN, optical and USB)

I also have a -not mini- version which houses a removable harddisk.

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Not really portable but if you have a old Playstation 3 lying around it’s a great source for analog media playback via composite, s-video and component. It can playback a good amount of video formats in their native aspect ratio via its internal HDD or USB drive. It has a repeat function to loop videos and can be navigated with a keyboard if the gamepad is not preferable. The biggest drawback is that it only reads FAT 32 formatted drives and therefore can’t play files that are over 4 GB in size.
For pre-recorded media playback I find the PS3’s video fidelity to be better than using cheap HDMI to Analog converters that often fail to maintain the native aspect ratio of 4:3 content, mess with the color/contrast and often require TBC to display correctly on some mixers.


Thanks but I’m looking more pocket-size.

:exploding_head: Mind blown, sir all valid points. Loop function? Thank you!

My pleasure! I’m always championing the PS3’s media playback because it’s often a free option that some may overlook when they are starting out and trying to get a few sources together. It’s cheaper than the Andor1 and more reliable, in my limited experience, than the Raspberry pi. I’ve gathered 4 units from friends now that I use for video installations.
To be clear the loop function is a simple Repeat function, nothing fancy, but works fine for installations.