Asymmetric studies with Cadet Modules

Asymmetric pattern and shape studies with a (slightly Modded) Cadet system.

In this topic I will post diverse patches that explore complex shapes and patterns.

If you want to use the Patch sheet, here you can download the Illustrator files:

Applied Mods:

  1. Square output on the VCO
  2. Greyscale on the Encoder (normalised jacks)

If you don’t have this Squarewave Mod, you can get a squarewave by using a Hard Key Generator on the VCO triangle output.
The Greyscale mod is not vital to this patch, although it will accentuate the feedback.
By patching the output to all three inputs of the Encoder, you get the same result.

This first patch uses 4 VCO’s through Faders to create an interesting gradient for the Key Generator.
There is some feedback from the Hard Key Generator to the Fader CV input to get those feathery lines at the edges of the shapes. The squarewave output (orange patchcable) adds the thin lines, being patched to the CV input of the second Fader. I use the Processor output to get to lower frequencies of the VCO and as a mixer for the final output.
Experiment with all knob and switch positions for all kinds of interesting varieties of shapes and patterns. I’ll post a video later!

more info and bigger picture:

note: the switch positions of the modulating VCO might be incorrect in this picture (I have custom panels)


Interesting stuff!
In the middle of your diagram you seem to have a vertical VCO modulating a horizontal one. Are you sure you don’t mean to do this the other way around?

possibly. I have custom panels, so switch selection might be off a bit. - experiment!

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beautiful stuff - i am going to get back to experimenting with “basic” cadets and castles - managed to do some stealth spaceships a while back


Hey Martijn, could you add a ‘DIY’ tag to this post? I almost missed it since that’s usually the only section I read :slight_smile: I reckon it’s very relevant there.

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I can’t edit the 1st post anymore. :frowning:

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Added DIY tag to original post as it seems like that’s what was wanted. :slight_smile: