Cadet and Castle gallery



A gallery of pictures made only with Cadet / Castle modules.
Post all your beautiful screenshots here.
Please mention which modules are used!

A modulated expo waveform patch with feedback noise from the Hard key Generator.
2x C9 VCO, 2x C10 Multiplier, 2x C7 Processor, C6 Fader, C5 Scaler, DIY Sandin Differentiator
I got sidetracked a bit, but I liked the outcome!
I used an external VCO (WMD PDO) for the modulation.


First patch with Castle ADC. Camera input. the outputs of the ADC control 2 VCO’s .
Output 3 is mixed with the squarewave output of vco2.
I love the colors that the ADC makes!


camera input to Castle ADC, DAC and masking the static lines (2x vco+hard key and processor) with the Castle multi Logic gates

Castle tips & tricks

Playing with Castle flip flops and quad gate.


A few more.


wow that looks nice! Can you add some patch notes?


Yes patch notes!


Patch notes for videos above.


big ol’ dump of castle patches over the past few months: