User manuals for Castle and Cadet modules?

I have used analogue and modular synths for decades, and have been wanting to complement with analogue visuals for a long time. I finally bought a set of 10 modules, and as I am totally new to this, wonder if there are any instructions on how to use and connect them available? The modules are Castle 0,2,3 and Cadet 1,2,3,4,6,9,20.

There are no real manual for all Cadet and Castle modules.

This is what’s available:

There is a manual from the Sync generator. somehow it is not on the LZX website anymore. (let me know if the link works)

And there are also some video tutorials & patchsheet examples

if you need more info, ask away! I have most Cadet and Castle modules + some more.


Thanks heaps for all the info, it will sure get me started!

here is the link for all the video synth drive info:

you might also find other pages useful

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