Cadet learning patches / templates

I’ve made an Illustrator LZX Cadet module patch sheet template with knobs and switches that can be rotated / moved.

With this, you can make patch sheets. Add jack connections with the pencil tool. Set caps to round!

It is an Illustrator file. (download link on the site)

I’ve made a few example patch files with these:
(and will try to do more in the future!)


This is a great resource. Thanks for posting!

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This is the kind of documentation work we need to be doing across all our modules. Fantastic work, and thank you.

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I’m sure you are very busy, so let the users do some work too. !
maybe some others can pitch in here and make examples too.

There used to be this patching app on the LZX site that had a similar way of making templates if I remember correctly.

It would be very useful for beginners and experts alike to save and share patches.


I would really like to develop our own patch annotation tool again – there have been two worthy attempts now, but either too proprietary/limiting custom data structure (the Flash-based “PatchTool” app) or built on an awful codebase/platform that was too slow (the PHP-based Wordpress addons we worked on last year for the old site.) We need something clean and responsive, like this Discourse forum. Since Discourse is open source, maybe we can create an add-on.

We have put a lot of work into consolidating/standardizing modular vector art assets across all the designs, including separate elements for knobs and switches so they can illustrate switch positions and settings. So maybe the next step from here to there is to more proactively share an asset kit of all that stuff.

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I added the Castle modules too.
see here: