Castle tips & tricks


does anyone want to share his tips with castle modules? Especially with the quad gates and multigate. i don’t know how to use them. thx


Here are 2 patches I just made. I hope you have all featured Cadet modules.

first start with this basic patch: (leave out the yellow feedback patchcable first.)

try all outputs of the logic gates. switch 'm up to get other color configurations

play with the frequency controls and the patch the feedback path (yellow line)
Next, try modulating the oscillators with more sources, like a Ramps + another VCO or feedback from the logic gate. Use the Processor to temper/invert the modulations

You should see colorful intersecting shapes.

You can also use the Video input module instead of a VCO. this gives very cool options, like masking .
See my posts : Cadet / Castle gallery for examples of this.


twist all knobs to get to know this patch. the feedback paths make funky shapes.
play with the frequency of all oscillators, cv inputs, Processor knobs etc.


i’ll post some more later. (with fewer modules) .and the adc


@reverselandfill thanks for sharing!

Very interested in the castle series. In fact, I wanted to order them all but I see the clock vco is out of stock.
Do any castle modules require the clock vco?


Caslte Clock isn’t required for any, it’s just another form of VCO. If you have Prismatic Ray, or VWG those would.


you can also mod the cadet vco to get a squarewave. (just add a jack. see the cadet modding thread)

@pbalj : is a squarewave needed to clock the shiftregister / counter or would a triangle wave work too?
does the quadgates module need a clock too?


thx for sharing. i now understand the way it could be used. i ll try that this week end.


triangle wave would work. castles have 0.5v comparator thresholds, so any signal that goes above 0.5 will work, including cameras, ramps, etc.


if you have a video input module, try that too. this helps with understanding what it does!