Cadet video feedback

Hi. How could a camera feedback patch be created using only Cadets? Is there a way to do it with brightness/contrast/details controls like the ones available on the Vidiot?

I’m not quite sure i understand the question?
All you need for feedback is a way to input and output video, optionally with some manipulation in-between.
If’ you’re looking for a simple starting point, routing from input -> [either a processor or a hard key] -> output is enough to get interesting results.


I should’ve specified camera feedback. I’ve updated the post. Also what do you mean by output? There is no output cadet module I believe.

yes there is. the RGB Encoder
I do mostly feedback with my Cadet and Castle modular.
these modules are a lot of fun:

  1. Castle DAC & ADC (I have 3 of each, for crazy and shifting highly controlled paint effects)
  2. Triple Sandin Function Generator (acts a a equalizer for color transformations)
  3. Differentiator (edges and feedback = repeating edges)
  4. Matrix Mixer (that’s why I made it)

Other techniques:

  1. interference lines / shapes that trigger the feedback (VCO or noise in combination with Key generators)
  2. you can do a vactrol mod on the Castle ADC, to sweep the bias. wonderful effect!
  3. external feedback is cool too, as stated above. patch in some glitchy effects in between
  4. the use of audio modules to create effects. works well in combination with a matrix mixer.