Andor audio interfacing?

i was wondering if the andor video player can be configured to use an external audio device like the USB Streamer or the Expert Sleepers ES-8.

I have a looping video in a gallery installation coming up, and we need the video to play it’s audio out of channels 7 and 8, and the simultaneous laser show to be driven by audio channels 1-5, preferably all playing off the same multichannel quicktime file. I was planning on using a mac to play the quicktime, but wondering if the andor could do this? or if you happen to know of another method besides using a mac?

The Andor 1 currently does not support external USB audio interfaces. It does support 5.1 and 7.1 AC3/DTS multichannel audio through the HDMI port. This requires an appropriate surround sound receiver for decoding the multichannel audio stream, and an appropriately encoded video or AC3 file containing the audio stream. Another option would be to use four synchronized Andor 1’s and use the stereo output from each one.

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