1U utility modules

I’ve seen a couple of people talking about 1U utilities, maybe we can gather together the ideas in a thread.
I remember also that at some point in the lzx website there was a diy section with some simple schematics that I think could become nice 1U modules. Anybody has those?


I may make some 1U modules once the dust settles from the Sandin IP PCB frenzy.

So far in my own modular I have the following built as Intellijel format 1U tiles: mult, switchable passive highpass filter (4hp!), both Sandin IP modules, and (soon) a preview monitor source selector.



Here are a lot of schematics. this is the video synth DIY google drive

I’ve build the summing mixer, both Sandin modules and I have a triple VCA in Eagle layout.


I was toying with the idea of doing some 1u tiles. i dont have a rack yet to test them in. maybe soon


(1) it is inevitable that 1U video modules will manifest — simply because we are mostly living in a world of Eurorack video… and 1U modules found their niche in audio. Also, it allows video artists to make more use of existing Euro cases that have 1U rows.
(2) one benefit I imagine of opening the door with 1U video modules is to also explore non-“utility” modules with a small form factor… or redefining what a utility module is maybe… I could totally imagine some 1U 4046 oscillators… and/or someone motivated enough could probably redesign many cadets or castle series modules to fit a 1U format (even if they had to be 12 hp or something, lol).


I wonder if it would be possible to stack two Cadet Scalers into one ~24-26hp PulpLogic-format 1u tile?

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Since I plan to get neither a Visual Cortex nor a Shapechanger, would be really helpful to have something like this:

Probably could find a use even in a system that already has one/both of those modules.

Not that I have any clue how easy/hard it would be to make such a thing, let alone how to go about doing it, unfortunately.


Some serious food for thought here :+1:t3:

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That would be ultra useful

This is EPIC :star_struck:
Cheers @reverselandfill for posting the link :+1:t3:

I’ve noticed a few people are using the Intellijel mantis cases but they have their own 1U spec/size if I’m not mistaken. How about everyone here regarding what you’ve built or would rather use/build/buy, the intellijel 1U standard or the other one?

I’m on the PulpLogic format for no other good reason, originally, than the first case I bought was their LBZ54 — with the idea that my system would just remain a small, portable rig to accompany a Vidiot.

Well, that turned out predictably and I ended up building a second, larger case — which also includes a 1u row (mostly just because it fit in the case I wanted to use so why not?) using PulpLogic-sourced hardware.

I guess the advantages of the larger PulpLogic size are:

  1. Both sizes of 1u tiles fit into it (if not perfectly) whereas the opposite is obviously not true
  2. Up to 6hp modules can be squeezed in sideways if you want, whereas given how tightly they fit in PL-size I assume again the same is not true for IJ-size
  3. The tiles PulpLogic make tend to be cheaper and, though simpler, there are maybe more that are useful to a video workflow (?)
  4. Might be the better-supported format with other 1u tile/case makers?

I know there are some arguments in Intellijel’s favor as well, but nothing that has convinced me to switch. (The more logical switch would be away from 1u altogether.)

Honestly, since 1u has never seemed to really gain much favor in the video world (yet), mounting things sideways in the extra space afforded in my cases has been my main strategy with those rows thus far. And, as I’ve mentioned in other 1u threads, my intention is to eventually make some alternate panels for a few modules which will make mounting in 1u easier and more space-efficient. …Though I will probably also build some passive switches and mults in 1u soon too.

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Thanks for writing @Sean and for including so much info. I saw your photo of the Sandin filter mounted sideways 1U some in another thread & that got me thinking of a couple of PCBs that I’ve recently finished but then realised anything with pots has to have a redesigned 1U PCB.
Mults are definitely an obvious one & Fox has her designs out now. I was thinking to try & create a 1U offering but kicad is new to me.
PulpLogic definitely look more DIY friendly than Intellijel. Thanks again :+1:t3:

Wicked :star_struck:
When can we buy it @pbalj? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Any thoughts on some 1U Castle conversions? The Multi Gates for example. I’m currently getting some great results with your Quad-Gate :heart_eyes:

No plans to sell. Only plan to open source on Github.
Also no plans to do official conversions of castles to 1u.
I personally have plans to do some filters, mixers, other utilities eventually. I have a couple 1u rails in my case that I need to fill.


Fair play for going open-source @Pbalj :+1:t3:
Please keep us up-to-date with your 1U designs & builds on here, I’m very curious to see some output & patches that include your above photoed Enhancer & anyone else’s creations :blush:

The sole arguments for Intellijel, as I see it, are you can use the same (lipped) rails as 3U Eurorack, and you get access to Intellijel’s library of larger compound modules. The first reason is nearly moot now that lipless rails are easy to come by, and the second is almost completely moot for video systems. So pulplogic all the way for video!


I think I’ve almost convinced https://www.mazzatron.com/shop?page=2 to do a 1u module

I’ve got one of their quad passive slews and it works great for lowpass smearing of video or slewing things like the sensory translator outputs for more control.

I’m sure someone looking to get started with making modules could make a little passive 1:2 switch in 1u format that video people would like (I use like 4 in my system)

or even just a nice input -> 2 outputs where each output had a diode facing in a different direction. This in combination with the passive slew would give simple filter like results.


That Mazzatron passive slew is something I’ve had my eye on, with an intention to mount it in 1u (eventually with a custom faceplate). But would be very cool if they just offered that as a 1u option themselves! Good work!

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