1U Video Utility modules?

Hi i was wondering if anyone made any 1U pulp logic style Utility Video modules?
i was thinking like vcas, faders?

If you get a standard 1U 19" rack blank, you can drill a template that will fit 6 Cadet modules sideways and have room to throw in a small mult or whatever you like.

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There was another thread discussing this before, but not sure anyone actually ever made anything…? @pbalj? Wish I had the ability.

I’ve certainly intended to at least create some alternate front panels for modules to fit them into 1u, but sometimes turning intentions into actions takes me a long while. In the meantime, been using some of the short threaded strips Pulp Logic used to sell (he might still sell them, but didn’t see any on his Etsy store right now) to mount existing modules/panels in a 1u row in a lunchbox:


Ask, and ye shall receive. I just ordered two of the Intellijel format versions directly from the maker, they will house a pair of Cadet III video inputs. (Edit: to clarify, the Reverb ad is for an Intellijel format adapter. He also sells Pulp Logic format versions that mount 6hp of euro.)

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Thanks for the link! i might have a go at a pulp logic one.