Stripboard Modules

Any fans of stripboard layouts? I thought it would be fun to try to convert some of the Cadet series to stripboard and figured I should share it here. I’ve already reached out too Lars for permission. Here is my first one, untested, so let me know if you see any bugs. I’ve left off the Ferrite beads(are these necessary in video?), but they could be mounted with the diodes.

I may try to figure out a way to lay these out with pots and jacks mounted on the strip board if someone has a recommendation on right angle jacks that would fit these. It could also be cool to add a eurorack power header too.


You’ll want to keep those on to help manage PSU noise leaking into the module. I haven’t done any A/B tests, personally, but they are on every single video module you’ll find out there.

You might also find that not having a continuous ground plane can cause some unintended capacitive coupling that can result in visible ringing oscillations in certain cases.


Hmm, I’ll have to add those in and possibly clean up the grounding, at least running every ground to the same input ground point

Somewhat related to stripboarding, @reverselandfill make some nice prototyping boards specifically designed for video purposes. See LZX format video Experiment board and Video Experiment Board – Reverselandfill
The prototype area is laid out like a breadboard instead of like a stripboard. It also has eurorack power input and footprints for a number of useful interface components (pots, 3.5mm jacks, RCA jacks) and buffers and power/sync inputs used with LZX video circuits.

Might be worth looking into that if you’re interested. I know mounting jacks, pots, power, etc can be tricky and/or fragile with stripboards, and this VEB solves those problems.