YPbPr converter recommendations for 240p signals

Has anyone found a good composite/svideo to YPbPr component converter? I bought one on Ambery but didn’t do enough research and discovered it only did composite/sivdeo to YCbCr =[

Hi thanks for posting! YPbPr and YCbCr are just different terminology to describe the same signals. Are you having trouble with your Ambery converter?

Yes, I picked up one of these http://www.ambery.com/costorgrgbco.html

I’m trying to use it with an original SNES. I can’t get a sync’d signal into my visual cortex. The green light on the ambery converter is on and the switch is set to YCbCr. From what I could find online YCbCr seems to refer to a digital source and YPbPr refers to an analog source but I thought they would be compatible signals too. Any suggestions?

You’re not going to like the answer, but the SNES is not a standard NTSC/PAL (480i/576i) video format and that explains your issue! SNES uses a 240p variation of video sync standards that displayed fine on most of the analog TVs that were around when it came out, but is non-standard when it comes to broadcast formats and converters.

Here’s some background info:


If you could get 240p to NTSC/480i, then you could use that with your Ambery converter. But I’m not sure the best converter for that job.

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Bummer but definitely helpful info. I was about to RMA the converter so at least this saves me a little hassle. I tried hooking up the SNES to my Edirol V4, no luck there either but at least the V4 works with this converter.

Thanks for the quick replies and pointing me in the right direction!

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https://www.hdretrovision.com/ looks promising. I’ll order one once they have more inventory and put their shop back online and report back.

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