Reasons for a sync not to work (Sync Generator, Visual Cortex)

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As far as I understand a sync generator looks for the sync pulse of the video data and so uses it to display the video properly.
But what difficulties can it face? From my primitive understanding I think either there is a sync pulse in the video data and the sync generator gets it or there isn’t and it doesn’t.
(beside trying to sync a PAL signal in NTSC mode)

Can you describe your setup?

I plugged the composite signal of a Super Nintendo into the gamma in on my Visual Cortex. By the red light i can tell sync did not work.
I try to learn something technical here as well, if any of you are versed in this.

Your composite output from nintendo needs to go to the red rca input jack. The luma 3.5mm jack is the patchable output from the decoder. You will only get BW image unless you run the nintendo composite output and into a composite to component converter before going into cortex.

Sorry I talked about the Gamma=Green=Y RCA input, in wich I pluged the composite cinch plug.
The Problem is not that I only get a b/w image but that the synchronization is not working…

The super nintendo does not send proper PAL or NTSC, but lower resolutions as far as i understand.


That’s correct, SNES is 240p, not 480i. So it will not work as a video source without format conversion.

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I also tried setting my bluray player output to 576i and used a Hdmi to YPbPb converter, also no sync established.

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Some converters can be dodgy. Try using a native NTSC/PAL device and see if it won’t lock. If so, then there’s potentially a problem with your Visual Cortex.