Where is everyone? I need video Geek talk and no one is posting?

Hey video people,

I absolutely love and devour this forum. I’ve noticed that no one is posting lately. Is there somewhere else that people are posting (please don’t say Facebook)? I really enjoy all of your posts and learn so much. I’m even penciling in Lars in the next presidential cycle. PLEASE POST or tell me where you are.

Girl Needing Her Video Nerd Fix


yeah the discord has been fairly light lately too.

I imagine we will see a bunch of new activity once TBC2 and chromagnon arrive


Lzx & lords of light discord

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Personally much of my video work was performed live at dance parties so I’ve not been as motivated to work on stuff. At least that’s made the wait for Chromag more bearable. The fact that very little hardware has shipped from LZX in the last year doesn’t help.

Like you, I still stop by here every day in the hopes of seeing new conversations.


Agreed, I’m coming by most days and hoping for new posts! I guess lockdowns produced a flurry of DIY builds and creativity and now things are slowly opening up again (or certainly are in the UK) people’s time is getting used up again!


Sadly, yes, the FB group has most of the action right now, I guess.

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