What to do with a broken laser projector?

I came across a X-Laser projector in poor condition, something not worth DIY tinkering around with out of general safety concerns (watched too many “fractal wood burning” videos in horror and I’ve already had laser eye surgery once!)

What could i responsibly contribute it to where i wouldn’t have to worry about someone hold-my-beer injuring themselves on?

Not worried so much about any lost dough, but its theoretically nice to not throw immediately in the dump.


Moved to laser/vector forum so it wouldn’t get lost :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming that the galvos are trashed but the laser diode still works, am I correct? The galvos should be replaceable. You could offer it for sale to a laser professional with the caveat that it needs repair before powering up. Otherwise, donate to local high school physics department where a teacher could supervise its use.


The diode still works, I am sadly not in regular contact with local laserists, definitely a reminder that I should not ever buy used when safety is a concern. My exploratory DIY skills are usually fine, but I don’t feel comfortable testing any further with wonky galvanometers. I imagine the vendor will also give a impolite-but-professional “hell no” to any parts requests :slight_smile:

I would like to get back into this at some point as I’ve always loved light shows and want to learn the skills, but strongly thinking at this point to trash it, sell my Radiator and move on to less risky video kit for amateurs, there are so many steps involved in proficiency with a much later point of public demonstration.

The vendor will be more than happy to install and calibrate new galvos for you (and take some money of course), that’s usually how it’s done.

There are online communities of laserists, I’m sure you can find a knowledgable buyer.

For the rest, “the cheap person buys everything twice” :wink:

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A lifelong lesson, learned… semi-yearly.

I am used to buying and fixing up things for the learning process, but realized the depth of the problem on receipt and after getting most of my money back due to misrepresentation of state.

Generally! I think this is more in the salvage category considering the state, if it was newer, in better shape, and I was more practiced in the industry and had a specific use I 'd spend the mistake money to get it operational.

This is probably for the best, making contact locally is difficult. I do know that Photonlexicon posters there are big safety activists but if I can contextualize my mistake and offer to avoid the dogpile it might go to a good home :slight_smile: