What is the Vidiot output resolution?

I’m intending to capture the Vidiot’s output to a Macbook (2012) with the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle’s composite input (assuming that’s the best method). I was unable to find the Vidiot’s output resolution/fps in the manual though. (Also wondering about best capture format etc.)

Thanks for the question. Lots of Vidiot + Intensity Shuttle posts on the forum:

Vidiot outputs a standard 480i composite signal.

More capturing tips available in this video:

Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks, I’ll look through these. FYI I searched the forum twice for vidiot resolution and nothing came up.

I think that’s because composite video resolution is standard and not specific to Vidiot.

Got it, I was misinformed by blackmagic’s tech support. They told me the Intensity Shuttle’s Video Standard Settings were resolution:framerate when they’re actually analogresolution:fieldrate

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