Capturing Vidiot with Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle - Settings?

Just got my Vidiot and now I’m trying to capture the output with my Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (thunderbolt version). Anyone who knows what settings to use? So far I’ve been trying an endless amount of combinations without any luck.

(Disclaimer: I have neither a Vidiot nor an Intensity.)

Reading through the Vidiot manual - it seems the only color output is composite, so that’s what you want to select in the “Desktop Video” app. As to format, it will be either NTSC or PAL, I’d guess. Try that and see how it goes.

On the back of the video is RGB out but this is different than YPbPr (YCbCr?) which the Intensity will expect if you select the Component inputs.

what software are you using to capture with?

what OS

windows or mac

i would’ve thought mac with thunderbolt

probably with the software bundled

not tried it myself as i don’t have an intensity shuttle, but another option, i believe, is black syphon to syphon recorder - which would also let you pass through lumen (or any other syphon application) on the way if you were so inclined

BlackSyphon is handy to have around for testing. So is the Resolume free demo, it has good built-in Shuttle support, free version is watermarked but is otherwise fully functional.

Some troubleshooting steps: (all things that have tripped me up at one time or another):

  • make sure you’re plugged into Composite In (not Composite Out) on the Shuttle
  • make sure you’re using the Color or Luma outs from the Vidiot (black bordered jacks with TV or eye logo) and not one of the input RCA jacks, or the sync output
  • Run Blackmagic Desktop Video and make sure your Shuttle is detected and its input source is Composite
  • Run your input app (Resolume or the Blackmagic recorder app or BlackSyphon) and make sure composite is selected there too.