Visual Cortex component out resolution

What is the resolution and field rate of the Visual Cortex’s component outs? I’m putting them into a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle but can’t get anything above 576 to work.

Would the resolution/field rate change if the VC were synced to a Vidiot?

it’s PAL/NTSC based on the switch on the back… so you would need to upscale from that to get any higher resolutions
synching to a vidiot will not change this

chromagnon apparently support analog HD - so this may be a solution

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Thanks, I guess I don’t understand though. I thought the Visual Cortex output a higher resolution at it’s component outs vs composite out, up to 720, is that not the case? I’m not really seeing any difference between the composite vs component out on the VC.

The image quality is better over component, but the resolution is the same

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Thanks, can you explain how so? Is it just the better color transmission?

Composite video encodes sync, luminance, and chrominance over a single line. Chroma is modulated with a colour subcarrier, superimposed on luma… Right in the middle of the detail portion of luma. All that to say composite is sub optimal quality because it is using only 1 signal to convey that information. Component encodes it’s signals over 3 lines, allowing much higher bandwidth and fidelity.
Not only would the colour fidelity be better in component, but also luminance details. With more bandwidth you would have better luck upscaling.

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Thanks. Also, can you or anyone confirm the BM settings they are using? I set my BM to
525i:59.94, the only other setting that passes a signal is 525p:23.94
Here’s where I’m confused:
As I understand it these numbers are the resolution:fieldrate numbers. I previously thought that second number was frame rate but I guess not? Even though the BM manual calls that second number ‘frame rate’.
With these settings I get a file with these attributes:
Image Size: 720 x 486
Frame Rate: 29.97
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.9091

Does that look right?

Component video resolution is 480i for NTSC and 576i for PAL.

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I would assume your output file is progressive scan which would halve the frame rate from the interlaced source.