Vidiot suddenly not powering up

Hello, my Vidiot just now stopped powering up.
It was powering up less than an hour ago, but I was only getting pure white video output. I tried swapping out cables, then I went through all the switches on the back, double checking NTSC/PAL, etc. This involved multiple on/off power cycles. Suddenly it stopped powering up.

I was powering it via a USB 5V cable, I tried switching to the factory Vidiot power supply and still no luck.

Is there anything else I can try at home? Any thoughts what this might be?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Sorry to hear it. Sounds like you have a fried/failed power component.
Please send a message to to open a support ticket.

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Thanks, I’ll do that.

mine did this too; i assumed it must have got plugged into a 9v supply because i didnt imagine it would just stop working when i was still a new user, but i can’ actually recall that happening. would be interested to know what the issue is or how to fix it because, being a uk customer, seems expensive and long to send it off for repair. it bust just as covid hit, near the end of it’s 1 yr warranty so i just couldn’t get it together to send it off at the time… hope you get it fixed, best wishes for '21