Vidiot s-video output

I was hooking up a video mixer today and had a thought about the vidiot…
it has two outputs
one luma
one color
s-video adapters allow two RCA outputs (luma,chroma) to come together into a resulting s-video signal

so why not try to take both vidiot outputs via an adapter into an s-video input

it seems to work quite well I’ll post up some pictures in a bit
just thought I’d share


Any luck with this? Good idea :smiley:

You could try it, but with Vidiot you really have these elements:
Vidiot Colorizer Out = Luma + Chroma + Sync (color video, CVBS)
Vidiot Luma Processor Out = Luma + Sync (black and white video, VS)

Whereas with S-Video format, you have:
Luma + Sync (black and white video) on one pin
Chroma (the hue/saturation component of color video) on a separate pin

So if you tried to use the Vidiot outs with an S-Video adapter, you’d have luma+sync (from the colorizer) appearing on the chroma pin too. How this ends up being received on the other end just depends on the display or device I’d expect. Some devices may ignore the colorizer’s luma+sync portions and just take the chroma – whereas others may sum the luma and chroma directly, resulting in a mixed version of the colorizer’s luma channel with the luma processor’s luma channel.


Bump - has anyone played with such adapters? What are the results?

@wednesdayayay We’ve found that some T.V.s generally will accept an s-video signal that’s adapted to yellow composite.

Our KORG Entrancer has a composite (yellow) and an s-video output port for the main video output, but no preview output. We send the s-video to the capture card and the composite input to the tv because both KPE video outputs always work. Or in other words, connecting one does not disengage the other. That’s our workaround for the lack of a preview out on the KPE.

On occasion we have added an s-video to composite adapter to the s-video cable to connect the s-video to a composite only t.v., with no problems or corrupted signal.

The adapter is very simple composite to s-video, no power adapter no converter box.

@wednesdayayay Would doing this adapter trick just give you basically a third video output from the Vidiot (but with full output from both luma & chroma channels) ? At the expense of losing the luma Output?

That’s a crazy find on that obscure dual rca to s-video adapter. It’s like a squirrel-monkey skeleton at the circus, certainly it can’t be real, but I wanna buy one and show it’s weirdness to all my friends.

Funny story, I think I remember trying to make a cable (Late in the night at a vj gig, at a fest). I put s-vid to comp adapters on both ends of a rca cable to make a s-vid cable, or maybe I did the opposite, either way, it didn’t work - but it probably wasn’t the cables fault, I was fairly haught that night…lol

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