Syncing+mixing two external sources with vidiot

I want to know if there is a way to do feedback (as the setup indicated in the vidiot Manual basic setup) but with another source added in the feedback loop.
For example, a video coming from a computer + camera pointed at the luma output screen.
I tried Using the mini jack + rca camera input but the source in the mini jack input scrolls …
Is it possible to sync them without other gear (mixer, etc) ?

Thanks !

in order to synchronize 2 video inputs you need to have time based correction/genlock (see page 9 of the manual)

you could do camera->computer running processing software->converter->vidiot

I do something similar with webcam->macbook running lumen->converter->visualcortex

I use either praxis_live or processing for video playback->lumen

otherwise you would need to use a mixer to mix either both the inputs into the vidiot or the vidiot processing one of the inputs and being mixed with the other

Vidiot only has one video input decoder. You would need another LZX device (Visual Cortex, Cadet III, TBC2) to get a second input.

BUT, if you just want a video mixed into the feedback loop, it is probably easier (and cheaper) to introduce a (non-LZX) video mixer in the chain. If you get one with luma keying (Edirol V4 is sort of the standard, but there are definitely cheaper options), you can have the video output from the computer on one channel, key out the lights or darks, and have the screen feedback from the Vidiot playing on the other channel in the keyed out parts of the image.

There are also ways to make this happen sans hardware mixer. But you will then need some hardware (like an Intensity Shuttle; though again, cheaper options exist) to get the Vidiot’s output into your computer, and software (you might check out the Signal Culture apps, for instance) that can mix that with the video and output to an external monitor.

Thanks for your answers !

Really appreciated :slight_smile:

I think I’m gonna start with an intensity shuttle (or maybe you have some alternative to share ?)


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