Vidiot Power Supply Question

I am loving my Vidiot first of all, thanks for all of your guys’ hard work! I have several desktop units that I am trying to figure out an integrated power solution for, and I am wondering if there is any leeway in the PSU voltage that the Vidiot is able to safely accept. I searched around and wasn’t able to find any specifics on what kind of internal regulation it might have, any insight would be appreciated!

Using the Vidiot with any power supply other than the one provided by LZX would pose a risk to the instrument and void the warranty. It wouldn’t be a good idea to send the Vidiot any voltage above 5V.
A nice power strip and lots of cable ties might be the best solution.

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You could power it from any 1.2Amp 5V source (like a phone charger) and a cable like this! I’m not sure if that helps. Definitely don’t power it by a voltage above 5V.


Thanks so much Lars! I had not thought to use USB power for some reason, that’s actually perfect.

just an FYI…

i have been upgrading my powerstrips with ones that have USB power ports on them.
like this:

and also using one of these:

i noticed an issue with my Vidiot creating a ground noise with my main audio output when i was streaming live.

unplugging it from the USB power port and plugging it into a USB PSU on a regular outlet plug killed the ground noise.

i also noticed this same problem with my two norns.
one norns can be plugged into the USB power port but the second norns has to be plugged into a USB PSU.

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