Vidiot + Eurorack audio gear

I hope to be receiving a Vidiot soon, and I’ve been looking at the manual in anticipation. Looks like the patch points are mostly made to receive up to 1v, not the 5 to 10v of most Euro gear. I have a bunch of Euro stuff, and naturally one of the first things I’ll want to do is Frankenstein these together. Is there any danger to putting 10v into the Vidiot? Is negative voltage a problem? I’m guessing I’ll have to do a bunch of attenuation and rectifying, but I want to know how careful I need to be.

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IIRC the vidiot will clip the incoming signal at 0v and 1v

so depending on what you want you may be ok or better off with attenuation and rectification

bridge is a really useful module for this (scales 0-5v to 0-1v and vice versa)

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the vidiot is the easiest piece of LZX gear to hook up to other audio/outside equipment as it doesn’t require scaling

give the manual a read through

particularly pages 6,8,10
6 describes how the stacked knobs work
8,10 shows that the inputs accepts 0-10v