Audio through Vidiot

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Apologies if this has been covered already.

When sending audio into the module (say from a drum machine), can you then send it back out to an interface/monitor? Or would I need a splitter from the audio source?

Just trying to gather info before i commit to buying a second hand one.


You would need to split the signal before going to Vidiot


I’ve used the use auxiliary outputs (like a headphone jack from the audio source), a send from the mixer my source is connected to or the additional outputs of my audio interface to route whatever input I want to the Vidiot. In most scenarios there’s some additional audio output somewhere that I can tap audio from so I’ve never actually needed a splitter but I’m always looking for my darned 1/4" to 1/8" adapter :slight_smile:

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like @Vdot stated…
i use an Aux send to get audio to the Vidiot and other video synth audio inputs like ETC or Structure.

also…see my FYI about USB powering the Vidiot just in case…


Thanks all!


Some more details about how we’ve been using audio mixers to add variety to the signals we send to the Vidiot CV inputs:

  • with a very small audio mixer (say 2 channels) you can mix the music source with some frequency around 50Hz. Waves that wobble in sync with the music are pretty cool. Such mixers can be found for cheap, and if one channel is stereo you can actually handle 3 inputs by playing with the L/R panning
  • mixers with more channels allow you to mix 1) the music source with 2), 3) multiple stable frequencies around 50Hz or multiples, 4) pre-recorded audio files based on the same approach but crafted to sync with specific BPM tempos, 5) the Luma output of the Vidiot itself, and 6) slower frequencies around 0.50Hz-2Hz chosen to sync with specific BPM tempos (this is a bit unreliable in our setup, since at such frequencies, there’s no much signal coming out of phone/tablet headphones)
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