Vidiot Luma Detail parameter


Made a quick little video to show what I mean:

This is a camera pointed at an image on my laptop screen (this was quickest right now). The first ~20 seconds are just CV from the slope output of a MakeNoise 0-Coast into the CV input for the detail parameter. At about 20 seconds I turn on solarization and then adjust the brightness and contrast.

But as you can see, especially in the enlarged details at left and right, the edges alternate between quite distinct and soft.

I probably should’ve shown the effect without the added CV input too, for comparison, as well as done a better job adjusting the CV level parameter for longest possible sweep, but this gets the idea across, I think.


what is that rca cable youre using?


Stackable RCA cables


Thanks for this very helpful thread. I went to the helpdesk specifically to find info on the detail control, as I was convinced it doesn’t work on my unit. I simply wasn’t able to produce a single example where it made a difference. But I learnt so much instead. It is indeed subtle, but it works, and having had the Vidiot for only a couple of months, I also learnt other tricks from the discussion. Thanks all!