Vidiot Luma issue?


Quick question. Is the hue, brightness, and saturation supposed to work at anytime? Or does the vidiot need to be in a specific setting in order for them to work? Mine seems to only work when I am plugged into the Luma input.

I have been following this tutorial and I noticed that I am unable to change them while plugged into the composite rca like the in this video. It has always acted this way and I only noticed it after having watched this tutorial. Is it possible mine is not working properly? or am I doing something incorrectly?


Are you talking about the knobs on the left side? These are not hue/saturation/value controls but rather (top to bottom) brightness, contrast, and “detail”. Together these form the Vidiot’s “luma processor” which is kind of a sub-module of the Vidiot. You’ll only see an effect from these if 1) something is going in to the luma processor and 2) the output of the luma processor is routed to your output somehow. Detail in particular can be pretty subtle for many patches. The input to the luma processor is selected with the rotary switch on the left side (camera, diamonds, crosses, etc.) and the output of the luma processor can be accessed from the rear panel RCA jack or 1V minijack output with an eyeball next to it, or by selecting the eyeball icon with the rotary switch on the right side (which selects what input is fed to the color processor).


I was able to figure it out based on your reply.Thank you.

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