Vidiot + Arch patch question

Hi, I am trying to recreate this patch with only Vidiot and Arch.

To do this I plug Vidiot’s horizontal and vertical triangle oscillators into inputs A and B of Arch. Then, I take the XOR output of Arch and plug it into Vidiot’s luma in.

When I view the Video channel, I see no patterns but just an even plane as output.

I don’t really understand why this doesn’t work because it seems like I am combining horizontal and vertical oscillators in exactly the same way as is done in the example video.

Am I missing something?

You may want to try patching to the Brightness input of the luma processor instead of its input as a closer approximation to the patch in the video using the Visual Cortex as output.

The minijack input for the luma processor does something different I don’t fully understand, I’m not able to get it to work the same as using a camera input. There is something there using the 1V input but it’s very faint, I have to dial in a very unstable key to check out the shape (which is different from what I get using the camera input).

Thanks, patching to the brightness input of the luma output works.

I also notice that when viewing the sine output from the luma section on the colorizer luma output, the resolution seems to be a lot lower than viewing the sine output from the colorizer section (I see vertical stripes/jagged edges and not a nice smooth ramp)

Could this be related?

I tried it again but instead of setting the luma processor to video and viewing the luma out on the colorizer, I just set the colorizer to video. That works better.