Vidicon 2021 - 12 to 15 NOV

Vidicon '21 begins today! All times below are Pacific Standard.

11/12/2021 11 talks

5:00 PM Palette - an open source visual instrument

Tim Thompson
5:45 PM Now That’s What I Call Experimental Video 2021

Robert Jordan
6:00 PM SpectraColor Liquids; Light painter, visual artist

7:00 PM ULTRATERRESTRIAL screening and q&a

Andrei Jay
8:30 PM 555 SOUNDS - “Live from Dirtmall”
9:00 PM a) Lapses / Birth b) The Penitent

9:30 PM Relms (Music Video)

Slow Collapse
9:36 PM A Prayer For Elvis
9:44 PM I-70

Rachel “Rew”
9:45 PM Lord of all he sees from his white tower in the land of the ville in the town referred to as Emery

10:00 PM Rek’n it with P-DUB

11/13/2021 13 talks

1:30 PM SNOW

Martijn “ReverseLandfill”
2:00 PM Crystallography

Shawna Lee & Jesse Whitney
2:30 PM Through the Shadow Mask
3:00 PM Amateur Broadcast Engineering: Getting Your VideoWaves on the AirWaves

David Francus
4:00 PM Video Synthesis Arcade Game
5:00 PM Magnetic Field Recordings
5:24 PM DAT LAB: Golden SUN in Al Rayyan

Josh Rodenberg
5:30 PM Failure: A Thousand Times Over VHS Premier

Mike Mazzotta
6:00 PM an hour w/Erogenous Tones and friends

Rick and James

7:15 PM Music Videos by Pascal Hector

Pascal Hector
7:30 PM Evan Shamoon Live Set

Evan Shamoon
8:00 PM “Local Oscillator”

David Francus

11/14/2021 10 talks

2:30 PM Schlappi Engineering
3:00 PM LZX Generation 3 Demo / AMA + Q&A
4:00 PM Patrón de prueba 14: Interferencias

Javier Plano
4:30 PM Performance Anxiety, KitYoung / Tanukispidercat

Kit Young
5:00 PM 4grace(s)(2021)
5:30 PM introducing
6:30 PM A/V performance synthesized by Alex Pelly

Alex Pelly
7:00 PM Jake’s Tech Talk

7:00 PM back to the future
8:00 PM Rev. (Dirty Bill)

Bill W.


What an amazing weekend full of amazing people and work. Here is the LZX segment from Sunday, in case you missed it.