DJing with live visuals

Hey folks! I’ve been DJing since the mid 90s, and just started integrating my video synthesis system with live Twitch streams.
Here are some highlights, enjoy them while they last. I’ll upload full copies someday after they expire in the coming weeks. Expect to hear Braindance, Acid, House, Techno, DrumFunk, and some Jungle. :crazy_face:
808 Day
Acid House focused stream from 8/07
FRC 2020 virtual campout


Hey Dr Rek, Dr M here from Tremendm Labs, clicked your link to check ya out and aparently we already follow you haha, I turned on the notifications to catch your next live session. We do live hardware visuals with music on Twitch also, if you have the time check us out at Tremendm LabsTV on Twitch. Cool content, thanks for posting!


Hey folks, I did another live AV mix for the Unison 8 streaming event. Mixing tracks in Serato and creating live visuals with my video synthesis rig. Check it out when ya can, good time party vibes with some House and Acid and tings. Dr. Rek - AV mix - Unison 8 on Vimeo


Doing an AV set again tonight. 7 pm PST on Ambient Mafia twitch. Expect downtempo, braindance, and ambient with live video synthesis.



Archive here, this went great! FKG3 killing it on the compositing magic with two memory palaces and a vidiot. Also Diver, Pendulum, Hypno, Structure, Bajascillator, Fluxus Duo, and AutoWaaave all up in the mix. Enjoy!