Video modular visuals in The Netherlands - Feb 2020

If you’re in or near The Netherlands and you’re interested in seeing video modular synthesis performed live, there are two gigs in which I’m involved this February. Please note that I’m a relative beginner, but you can expect some Cadet, Castle and video input action. Both events are also worthwhile in their own right, if you’re into underground art and music.


I’m definitely going to try to make the 9th

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Awesome! Do come and say hello, it would be great to meet you.

Yeah that was my motivation for going - to say hi to a fellow video synthesist and see you perform

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Good luck ! Make a lot of pictures and video’s! (and post them here)

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I hope this is visible:

The music is Jungle of Wires (the lady in the foreground) and I’m responsible for the visuals on the right. The video is b/w, but incidentally, so were my visuals :slight_smile:.

First half of the video is a patch involving rhythmic switching between H+V and H-V ramps, into Staircase FM’ed by an oscillator. Second half shows those same ramps going through the Castle ADC, Flipflop and DAC. The clock oscillator (which determines the size of the ‘blocks’) is being modulated by a CV signal coming out of the modular audio synth!

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Sounds and Looks good!
Last time I saw Jungle of Wires live it was fantastic, it looks like you both had a blast :slight_smile:
So the encoder mod was successful?

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Yes, the mod works! I left my other Cadet encoder unmodded for now, because I’m using it with the 3 outputs of your TFG anyway. That way I can easily tweak some colours into a b/w input.

And yes, Mandy is fantastic!

Here are some vids of the second gig in Deventer: