PATCHWORK - Live modular electronics

Saturday 27 august, Chinastraat – Gent – Belgium

2 stages / ANODE + CATHODE / Experimental + Techno
17 audio artists, 4 visual artists
21:00 to 06:00

At this cool festival organised by Joranalogue, we (Reverselandfill & Pan=ac will perform together with Bastien from Syntonie (FR), BR Laser (AT) and Gijs from Voltage Painter (NL).



How did the show go for you & @PanAC @reverselandfill? Have ye a collective performance name? Which musicians did you perform visuals for that you think are worth mentioning or where a personel highlight or note worthy mention for you?

How about you @Bastien? Any crazy moments?

Did either of you capture some video clips on a laptop or phone? If so, please include some links :slight_smile:

There was 2 stages, & the event went on for 9 hours! But maybe the first musical acts with visuals begun at 10pm.

Anyone on here who caught the gig?

Update: The short video above has some really beautiful moments, especially ca 00:40 to 0:46, the electric blue & amber :star_struck:
The 4 photos look great, especially the slightly blurry one that looks like a laser show, surely @BRlaser.

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we shot a lot of video, so I’ll edit this and put it on my Vimeo.
I’ll report it here when that is online!

The event was pretty cool! Both Bastien and us were performing at the experimental stage,
which featured great noise and ambient performances.


Looks amazing!
+1 for any more vids!