Gig report - Geluidsdrug 2019 - RGB Fraction & Panopticon

We did a show for an event recently,
It featured jam sessions throughout the day, workshops, a synth meeting and dj sets
We did the modular video show.


blurry pelvis

eyes of the beetle

insect overlord

ADC offset

Equipment used:
LZX diy case with mostly Cadet and Castle modules.
LZX Vidiot
Gieskes 3trinsRGB
Eurorack modulations case
V4 mixer
2x Camera feedback setups

Patch info:
I had a cool patch going with 2x Castle ADC and 2x Castle DAC.
Video feedback input multed into 2x the ADC with the settings different from each other.
This give the nice overlapping array of colors as seen on the pictures.
The V4 mirrored the feedback signal, which gave the endresults a Roschar effect.

I’ve made some movie clips, I’ll put them on Video later

Here are some pics of VJ Panopticon.
He used videotape loops, a LZX Sensory Translator, 3trinsRGB + triple comparator and a V4 & MX50!



I’m very curious about that double ADC and DAC setup, especially with feedback. Do you have any videos of that? Would really like to see it in a minimalist patch!

as soon as my new sync chip arrives, I can make a video!
ps, all the screenshots above use 2x ADC + 3x DAC
The result is a sort of advanced paint effect with much more control and definition