[NL] 10-13 Sept '20 - GOGBOT festival video synth installation

I’m contributing to the art program of GOGBOT festival in Enschede, The Netherlands, with an interactive audiovisual installation on my modular audio and video synthesizer. It’s a self-playing patch with many inter-dependencies between video and audio, also influenced by the visitors stepping into the camera image.

In preparation to the event, I’ve started documenting my work here: https://www.voltagepainter.com/project/seismic-at-gogbot-2020/. My plan is to update this page with footage of the actual installation in operation at the festival.

The most important info about visiting the installation I’ve collected here.


The event was a big success! I updated the blog post in the link above with a more detailed description of my patch.
A video impression of the work can also be seen there.

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super! I am sad to have missed GOGBOT this year.
Glad you had a nice experience though :slight_smile:

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Would have been awesome to you there, @reverselandfill! Last year around this time, our encounter at Dutch Modular Fest started this modular video adventure for me.

I’m happy you have such a good time with this !

about your setup: I see some Castle effects, right?

For sure! The Castle effect in the ‘rest state’ of the system (when no user interacts with it) is a simple ADC operation. When the user steps into the camera image, I think the Counter or Shift Reg was used. The combination of a clock and a reset from different oscillators often gives great effects with those modules.

No way! I think my boyfriend went to that. Wasn’t it held in an old prison and each cell or room featured different video art? It looked incredible.

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I don’t think it was ever held in an old prison, but I could be wrong. It was an old office building with lots of little rooms with video art in them. In previous years, the festival also occupied a church.