Video synth ARKANAR (PCB giveaway)

I don’t know if this the correct way to do it, but I’m giving away those 3 pcb. I’d prefer them used than burried under dust. It’s more or less a prototype for a video synth using very cheap-ass components. Therefore it’s more on the lofi-noisy side of things. No exotic part (maybe the NX5DV330 that can be changed for a CD4053)

I won’t recommend it for total beginner, there’s many wire and schematic readings. But probably be useful for prototyping or testing things. I made two stand alone thing with it.

the boards :

The schematic :


Count me in :slight_smile:

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I’m interested as well! :slight_smile:

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I’m interested too. Do you have the STM code for the MCU (page 8 of the schematic)?

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Actually the stm32 part doesn’t work. I messed UP the footprint. The capacitor/resistor are 0805 package.

I added external vco and High pass filter.


I have plenty of dud prototypes in my stash too, never mind! Most of my released boards are at least rev 3 :slight_smile:

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The Idea behind the st microcontroller was to produce un vertical vco which it does fine. The next version which i hope to be modular, will have this microcontroller. Reduce the part count.


i’m interested if there are any still available!

There’s two pcbs left, send me a private message. I’m just asking three euros for the shipping.