Video Bros, I come seeking guidance

Unfortunately for myself and my wallet, I have recently discovered video synthesis. So here I am, after deciding to learn to build. I am about to order my first modules, and I know that i need to get a soldering station/supplies as well. So I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions as far as anything, from modules, to tools. I have decided to go with a Behringer Neutron for simplicity’s sake for my workhorse semi-modular audio unit, as I also understand that I can use it with the video modules as well. I would like to get to generating video as soon as possible, but i realize there is a learning and money curve that I will face.
Thanks for the community, and let me hear your suggestions! I already have an Atomos Ninja V ssd hdmi recorder, so at some point, that will be my goal as far as a recording device.
Thanks again!

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So to clarify, can you recommend any good soldering tools or kits on amazon? I’d rather spend a little more for something with better usability.
Thank you!

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The Hakko digital stations are nice, but you’d be fine with a simpler Weller station as well. It just depends on how much you want to spend and how much soldering you plan to engage in.
Why not go DIY for your audio synth, too?

Well I want to do diy audio but I feel like it would be nearly impossible for me to replicate the behringers utility for the price. I may be wrong though!! If so let me know! I’m really tempted to just get a behringer and a vidiot so I can get to work!

Certainly nothing wrong with the Behringer and Vidiot setup. You’ll have a lot of fun with that!

Vidiot is the quickest way to get going with a lot of options. It’s great. And having another piece of gear with an LFO and filter, like the Neutron, will be nice with it (I use a Mother32 similarly).

But the Vidiot is a serious gateway drug. You’ll want more.

I really like the Castle Shift Register. And the Sandin Function Generator is great, so you may want to keep an eye on reverselandfill’s Triple FG project.

But what makes sense for you depends a lot on what kind of stuff you want to make!

I would recommend getting a hakko 888 digital soldering iron station and a bunch of different tips. before I got it my soldering style was terrible and stressful but since getting the hakko my soldering style is top quality professional and I feel super confident about doing diy which is a great feeling ,

also flux , like a flux pen , and then clean the flux off after with isopropyl alcohol , your soldering will be more enjoyable

What I want to make is a large range of 80s style video patterns glitches and looks as well as he ability to do unconventional new stuff too. Since I don’t have the language to describe things, I have to just say “as big a range as possible”.

most Cadet and Castle modules are useful for this goal.

If you go totally DIY, and have no experience, maybe it is better to start off with something easy (audio) related. like a multiple of a simple LFO / envelope that you can use later.

  • For starter video modules, get these:
  • Sync generator
  • RGB encoder
  • A few VCO’s (these will make your shapes. you will want 3 at least, because RGB)
  • Video input. this will allow feedback patches and other media input.

This will get you started . When this all works, start looking at the other Cadet and Castle & Sandin modules.

As for control sources, envelope followers and tap LFO’s are very useful. You will want to get a Scaler (Cadet V) to lower the voltages to 0-1volt

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