Brownshoesonly updates: new demos coming. list of available modules

Got some demo videos coming out focusing on the two mixers, their usages and comparison. also someone asked for something showing the WMD-PDO. And I got a bonus patch video for Doorway.

I have mixer, soup, and Lfo available in numbers. very limited numbers of others. building and demoing all day

anything else someone might want as a quick video while the lab is in demo mode? voltage/freq standards, audio gear, outboard gear, or maybe just a see where the patch takes us style moment?

this first post will be frequently updated


Hit you in the DMs, but bumping for some encouragement for instructional type content videos, even if they are rough around the edges! Stoked to get to work with the receipt of the new modules!

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I would love to see some HexFader use-cases.


I need to finish building my own! I had only around a 3u row after selling my original monster visionary system, and the hex fader would’ve been out of place. new rig is doing good and I have a personal hex fader about 70% completed and in line behind a few current builds. I think it was waiting on a part that I likely have now.

I’ll put out a hex fader video soon.


Great! When do you think “new multi channel scanner” will surface?


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I was actually catching myself considering the S/H design lately, but that project will take longer than finishing the scanner. This will serve as a good reminder. I have a board designed meant for testing scanner circuit modifications that I should get made. But I need to conclude on a design and layout after that.


I think hexfader will become infinitely more useable for me once we see the new TBC2!

Im looking at a soup and LFO about what would that run?

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Video Soup clocks in at $230 and Triple LFO at $150

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