TBC2 has been released!

Wonder if the VGA expander pinout info has been/could be shared?

The stock dual expander thingy is just way too big for my needs/case, but would like to DIY a single VGA expander 1u solution.


My Memory Palace’s screen hasn’t burned in yet, but it would be nice if LZX added a turn-off screen option like a TBC2. :sunglasses:


I’ll publish the pinout in the docs.


I was re-reading the TBC2 specs and I remember at some point there was talk of supporting 240/288p for Ming Mecca compatibility??? It doesn’t look supported and still needs an external device to pass signals accordingly. Just checking.

240p input isn’t enabled yet, keep an eye out for a future firmware update.

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Can anyone verify the screen saver function works in 1.0.1?

I haven’t seen it in 1.0.1

I thought the screensaver goes on by default after 10min inactivity? Not something the user has to enable? So it’s not present in 1.0.1 per above then???

I tried reloading 1.0.1 to make sure there wasn’t a versioning issue and I do not have a screensaver after 10 minutes (and longer) of no interaction with controls. @Z0NK0UT should we move this part of the conversation to the Helpdesk or is this issue being tracked internally?

Hoping the screensaver feature receives some immediate attention then!!! I’d hate to get screen burn-in like MP.

Thank y’all for your feedback. Lars is working on a firmware update.