Syntonie VU008 Phase Shifter

Building up a @syntonie VU008. According to the screenprint, looks like U11 & U12 should face the same way. But the photo in the build guide appears to have them facing in opposite directions. I am wondering which is correct…?

I built mine according to the build guide photos. You can follow the traces if you’re unsure.


Excuse the hasty soldering job :smiling_face_with_tear: but this is exactly what you should see for a working VU008.


Thanks @Fox and @rempesm for clarifying/confirming the correct orientation!

Reason behind the confusion between silkscreen vs build guide is that the first builds I did were using LM7805/LM7905 (1A, TO-220 package regulators), which were mounted according to the silkscreen, but those regulators were a bit overkill because the module doesn’t consume that much current, and also I had an issue on some builds were the -5V regulator wasn’t working as it should (maybe the load wasn’t enough to make it work properly).

Using 78L05/79L05 (100mA, TO-92 package regulators) solved the issue, then the 79L05 needs to be mounted “backward” in reference to the silkscreen, and already had made a bunch of boards, so figured out I would mention it in the build guide text/photos, but will correct the board with the right footprints on the next revision.


Ah, yes, I see now the note at the bottom of the page.

Have to admit I was building this relatively late at night and was maybe not paying as close of attention as I should’ve. Was mostly just looking at the BOM, the boards, and the pictures — sort of wasn’t really reading the build instructions text. (Apparently.)

Anyway, got it finished and working.

Thanks, all!